Engineering Drawings

We create high standard Engineering Drawings, illustrating all the details you would like to show in the drawing, either you would like to send it to sales, or to manufacturing team. Our drawings illustrate all the needed views, also section views and details, includes all Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

We have years of experience in mechanical design and manufacturing, we deliver high quality Drawings, meeting BS8888/ ISO standards and guidance.

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Do you have a print version of a drawing in paper or scan format, and you need to have this in Digital format? No problem our experienced team is delighted to help you meet your need in best deadline, we will re-draw your part or assembly than we will create fresh drawing, with the same layout or you would like to adopt some changes, our team are keen to understand your business needs to meet them.      




Create drawing to existing product.

Do you have a part or assembly, and you don`t have a drawing for it? 

We can help you to create a drawing for the part by taking measurements, if its complicate geometry we use 3D Scanner to convert this part to a 3D CAD file, then create drawings, we will make sure to cover all dimensions and tolerances needed. If you need this drawing to reproduce this part, we will assist you from start to the finish.