Product Design & Development

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New Product Design

If you have an idea of the product you would like to create and bring it to the market, our experience NPD team will be pleased to help you achieve your desired design for your product. We would review the design using our expertise and experience against any technical challenges, requirements and Standards, we use Design For Manufacturing and Assembly, also we guide you to select the best materials and manufacturing process to increase the quality, and reduce the cost, we create for you high quality technical drawings, defining all dimensions and tolerancing needed.

We use hand calculation, CAD and simulation software to optimize our design, and find any issues or challenges, to correct this in early stage of design, we adopt methods to improve our process such as DMAIC (Define-Measure- Analyse-Improve-Control). 

Develop an exisisting Product.

Would you like to develop an existing product? Either you want to change slightly the geometry to give it better look, or the product has some issues, you would like to solve it?  Our team has the best knowledge and skills to help you reach your goals, we redesign the product using Engineering principals, CAD software and we could run multiple virtual tests using advanced simulation software, we guarantee the quality and Leadtime for our services.

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