Design Team That Thrives in Your Success

WE are the best of what we do, we take your ideas carefully, analysing your needs and challenges, to help you achieve your goals. 

About Us

Epsilon offers you the best opportunity to take your business ideas to the next level, we offer multiple services, starting from a simple idea of product you would like to create or an existing product you would like to develop, we will assist you giving you the best of us to help your business overcome the challenges, using  3D design modelling ,creating a technical drawings, creating samples using a 3D prototyping to show the product geometry in real world, also helping you to manufacture your product using our highly skilled partners. We offer you all the expertise you need in Mechanical design modelling, rapid prototyping, manufacturing and assembly, we also offer to run Simulation, such as stress analysis, fatigue, flow analysis, and heat transfer for the final product model for potential challenges or issues to be corrected in early stage.


We work hard to help our customers to exceed their goals, with premium quality and lowest cost possible. Your success is our success.


Reach higher and take new challenges, help our customer to grow successful in the market.

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Our Services

Highly Motivated Team

Our Team is highly skilled Mechanical Design Engineers, they have years of experience, that forge their expertise to offer the best service to our customer.

The Director of our company is talented Chartered Mechanical engineer, he has years of experience in design and Development, in different sectors.