Tools / Mould Design

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Plastic Injection Moulding

Would you like to design a new plastic injection Mould for your product? Our talented design team will help you to reach your goal, our team will assist you from start to finish, we will select the best layout for your product, and design an optimum cooling system. Our experienced team will use years of experience to overcome manufacture challenges and product defects, ensuring the best quality with best price.

Stamping Die

We design the tool for your product using our expertise and best practice standards, we help you to achieve the best quality of your product, we will help you to manufacture the tool using our trusted partner, also we will assist you from the design to sampling your product successfully.

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Glass container Mould Design

Our talented team has many years of experience, working with world leading of Glass container manufacturing, we design high standards glass Container and Moulds assembly, starting with Blank Mould than the Blow mould, our mould design dimension will align with the machine specifications such as the cooling system and the machine arms dimensions.

Our design also includes all assemblies’ parts such as Baffle, Neck-Ring, plug / Plunger, Bottom plate. 

Our design service covers both glass manufacturing process Blow and Blow, and Press and Blow.